The construction of the Pan-American Highway expansion starts in the first half of 2022

10:56 26 de janeiro de 2022 Por Daniel Oiticica

The project is going to benefit to the textile sector, to commerce and to agriculture.

The Minister of Public Works, Romeo Rodríguez Herrera, reported that the expansion of the Pan-American Highway, Los Chorros section and the construction of a viaduct, will begin in the first half of this year 2022.

According to the official, the design of this new highway to Los Chorros has already been completed, which represents the expansion to eight and six lanes of 15 kilometers and the construction of a viaduct in the most critical area due to the constant landslides and rockfalls.

"We hope that in the first six months of this year the construction of the work will begin and two years later this great infrastructure project will be completed," said the Minister.

As part of the process that will lead to the construction of the work, the observations have already been made, they have been corrected, and the Inter-American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI) has been asked to use the financing resources to have the budget available and tender the work for its construction.

"After this, we hope to give a period of approximately 45 days for the companies to present their offers and then the technical, legal and economic evaluation is done and choose the one that complies with all this and in the end has the best price. , after this start with the construction”, he added.

With the completion of the feasibility and engineering design, the company that is awarded will start directly with the construction of the project, according to the official.

The project has been divided into three sections, with the same number of tenders, consisting of:

Section 1. From Colonia Las Delicias and will arrive about 100 meters after Los Chorros tourist center.

Section 2. Construction of the viaduct, over a kilometer long, which will be the longest and most complex bridge ever built in the country's history.

Section 3. It will depart from the El Poliedro sector to San Juan Opico.

“The project is worth around US$ 245 million, it is a public investment that is going to be injected into our economy and that in the end is going to generate thousands of direct and indirect jobs through construction, and not only that is going to benefit to the textile sector, to commerce, to agriculture”, he added.

The Los Chorros highway connects the entire western part of the country, and more than 2 million people will benefit from the project.